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Hurricane to collide with winter storm front over our area?


Brace yourself…the first storm of the cold-weather season could be a doozie. 


Weather forecasters are calling a storm bearing down on the East Coast “Frankenstorm”, and it could bring as much as five inches of rain, mixed with snow and very high winds, starting on Sunday.  In fact, some of the models are predicting more snow than rain for our area.


The storm will be the result of Hurricane Sandy, a very-late-season storm, colliding with a wintry storm barreling out of the west from Canada.  John LaCorte of the National Weather Service says it could be a storm of historic proportion.  The National Weather Service says it’s going to be a weeklong, five or six-day event, and utility service could be threatened.  In our area, temperatures will not get out of the forties for at least eight days, with some days stuck in the thirties.  LaCorte says, in fact, that we could see more snow than other parts of the state.


Last year’s Halloween was marred by a snowstorm.  This year’s Halloween weather could be a worse trick, and certainly no treat, because snow could mix with high winds and rains from the hurricane. 

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