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The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture is issuing a warning after a rabid cat attacked a person walking along East Pike Road near the Two Lick Reservoir. 


The incident happened on Tuesday and officials say the cat was killed and tested positive for rabies.  Officials are conducting an investigation and want anyone connected with the Two Lick Lake Recreation Association to know about the incident.  They say a raccoon was spotted near the lake about a month ago that witnesses say was “acting funny.” 


Officials tell us the most likely scenario is that the raccoon fought with the cat and infected it.  They still don’t know if the cat bit other animals before dying.  Rabies takes between 2 weeks and 6 months to show up in another animal.  If you notice an animal acting strange or displaying signs of rabies, do not approach it.  You should contact your local Pennsylvania Game Commission office or call the Department of Agriculture at 724-443-1585.

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