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Formal approval sought from Armstrong


They have a logo, a Facebook page, and some momentum.  Now the folks who want to start a charter school in Elderton have a plan to present their formal proposal to the Armstrong School District on November 14th


Called the Everlasting Elderton Charter School, the new venture would open for the 2013-14 school year if the school district approves and the public meeting schedule plays out as planned. 


Everlasting Elderton’s leaders hope to have 150 students signed up to start school next year, and are in the process of designing the curriculum.  They point out that attendance at a charter school is tuition-free, and if your school district is within ten miles of the Armstrong district, then your district must provide free transportation to the charter school.  They hope to be able to use the now-closed Elderton Junior-Senior High School, but are also planning contingencies for another building if Armstrong does not make the old high school available. 


For information on Everlasting Elderton, visit their Facebook page, where you can download a no-obligation pre-enrollment form, or contact Secretary-Treasurer Amanda Mohney-Bartosiewicz at 724-354-3883.

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