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Union urges settlement of "fair contract"


The faculty union at IUP and the thirteen other state-owned universities yesterday mounted an email blitz to State System Chancellor John Cavanaugh, urging him to “be fair” to the union membership in contract negotiations.


Using a template created by APSCUF, the more than 6,000 faculty members and coaches were urged to flood Cavanaugh’s Inbox with messages that would impress the chancellor by their sheer volume and consistency of message.


The template urges Cavanaugh to “silence the distractions and settle a fair contract.”  It reiterates the union’s position that it does not wish to call a strike, but threatens to take action if the contract is not settled to their satisfaction.


Last week, the union said that it would not call a strike before the end of the current semester, which is next week, but did not rule out a strike for the spring term.

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