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Parents angry that they must fund sport


The Indiana Area School Board heard criticism from parents of members of the ninth grade boys basketball team, who had to fundraise $9,000 in order to have a season this year.

In the spring of this year, the board made a decision to cut funding to 9th grade boys basketball based on information that there would be inadequate participation. One parent, Bob Caine, told the board that they were given bad information, and that the program participation is healthy.  Two other parents spoke publicly along the same vein, and requested the board find a way to fund the sport, saying it was unfair for just one sport to raise all the necessary money for bus transportation and referees. The ninth grade boys currently have twenty games on the schedule. 

However, some members of the board reiterated their thoughts from last spring that they will choose in-classroom programs over extracurriculars.


In other news, Erin Eisenman will be the assistant secondary principal at the senior high. Board member Allison Billon said Eisenman has great experience in guidance and education. Also, the elementary orchestra program has been reinstated.



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