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Suspect known as "Mitch" remains on the lam


State police continue to search for the man accused of shooting to death a New Florence man on Saturday at a trailer near Torrance.  They have released a photograph of the fugitive walking through the Burrell Township Wal Mart store with the victim on the night before the shooting, but the shooter’s face is indistinguishable.


The man they are seeking is known only as “Mitch”.  Investigators have not been able to establish a last name.  He’s about 5-feet-10-inches tall and weighs between 180 and 200 pounds.  He’s black, with a chipped front tooth, and police say he was staying at the trailer with Jesus Santiago and Tiffany Blatenberger, who lived there with their two children. 


The victim of the shooting, 24-year-old Michael Volk, evidently conspired with Santiago, Blattenberger, and Danielle Clawson of West Wheatfield Township to rob Mitch at the trailer on Saturday after he had sold them heroin there the night before, but Volk ended up being fatally shot.  His three alleged co-conspirators were arrested after their stories didn’t match up and Santiago admitted the scheme. 


Santiago, Clawson, and Blattenberger are charged with conspiracy to commit criminal homicide and conspiracy to commit robbery.


If you can help locate Mitch, you are asked to call state police in Greensburg at 724-832-3288.

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