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Next round of talks five days after semester to start


After a six-hour negotiating session on Wednesday yielded no agreement, the next round of talks between the State System of Higher Education and APSCUF, the faculty union, is not scheduled until February 1st, five days after classes are scheduled to begin for the spring semester.  It’s unclear if that schedule would affect plans for a strike, but it indicates the union may be willing to give it some more time.


APSCUF says the two sides exchanged proposals regarding compensation for developing distance educations and for health care for both current and retired faculty.  The union also says there were “substantive discussions” on curriculum and class size.


The talks ended when the State System negotiators promised a new comprehensive proposal before the two sides get together on February 1st.


Meanwhile, APSCUF is planning to send faculty members from all fourteen schools to express their frustrations to next week’s State System Board of Governors meeting.  The board is scheduled to meet on Thursday, January 24th.


Classes at IUP and the thirteen other state-owned universities are slated to begin on January 28th.

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