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No Deaths Reported


In the midst of reports that some areas of the nation are seeing an easing in the widespread flu epidemic, it appears that Indiana County has yet to see a drop in flu cases. 


In the latest statistics, which run through last Saturday, 177 cases of the flu had been reported so far this flu season.  That’s up by around 50 cases over the previous period, which ended on January 5th.  There have been no deaths associated to the flu in Indiana County, but the state Department of Health is reporting that one person in Jefferson County has died from the flu, one has died in Armstrong County and four have died in Westmoreland County. 


Forty people have died across the state so far this flu season, with the vast majority of deaths being senior citizens.  Here’s a rundown of flu cases across our region:


Indiana County:  177 cases

Jefferson County:  70 cases

Armstrong County:  90 cases

Cambria County:  169 cases

Clearfield County:  119 cases

Westmoreland County:  700 cases


Indiana Regional Medical Center CEO Steve Wolfe says flu-related activity at the medical center’s urgicare locations and emergency department is still at a high level.  He’s reminding people that one of the best ways to avoid getting the flu is getting a flu shot.

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