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 Our region will remain under a wind chill advisory until 11 a.m. Wednesday morning. Schools all over our area have taken precautions, deciding on a two-hour delay today. With wind chills well below zero over the next couple days, here are a few tips on how to stay safe in the frigid weather:

  • Wear several layers of loose fitting clothing. Stay dry and warm and don't spend any more time outside than you need to. Doctors say prolonged exposure to these temperatures can literally freeze skin, resulting in frostbite.

  • Put extra blankets, food and water inside your vehicle. AAA officials recommend carrying a kit that includes these items, just in case you experience car trouble and need to remain inside the vehicle until rescue crews arrive at your location.

  • Make sure you don't have an empty fuel tank. Experts say an empty fuel tank on a day like today can develop moisture, which can cause your car's engine to run rough.

  • If you have pets that sleep outside, bring them inside during this bitter cold snap. If you have livestock, make sure they can get out of the cold and into shelter.


Temperatures are expected to improve slightly later this week but night-time lows are expected to be in the single digits or low teens through Saturday night.

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