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All will see increases under Corbett proposal


Forty-one percent of the state’s general fund budget is focused on education, making Governor Corbett’s budget address yesterday a matter of intense scrutiny by school adminstrators and unions.  Corbett outlined $11.7 billion dollars to be doled out to early, basic, and higher education along with public libraries.    


Every school district in the state will see some increase in state funding.  The breakdown in Indiana County ranges from $618,329 in funding hikes at the largest school district, Indiana Area, to a $101,069 increase at United.


Here are the numbers, with the total proposed, the amount of the increase, and the amount the governor says each district will save in pension costs if his proposal is adopted:

Blairsville-Saltsburg    $13,017,408    +$402,171      $104,818 (pension savings)

Homer Center            $6,962,831      +211,610        $62,034

Indiana Area             $13,917,037    +618,329        $286,282

Marion Center            $12,818,729    +445,079        $89,956

Penns Manor             $9.924,276      +443,108        $85,218

Purchase Line            $11,862,870    +320,742        $63,859

United                      $11,575,982    +101,069        $70,890


Under Corbett’s proposal, funding for basic education would increase by 1.7 percent – or $90 million – to $5.5 billion.  His pension reform plan, he says, would save state school districts $138 million in the next fiscal year.


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