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Members of the 420th Engineer Company returned to Indiana today.  The unit returned from a year-long deployment, 11 months of which were spent in Afghanistan, sweeping roads and bridges of improvised explosive devices and training Afghan units on the same tasks. 


The troops will arrived in Indiana around 4:45 p.m. and entered Indiana using Philadelphia Street.  Hundreds of people lined the street to welcome home the unit.  From there, the unit arrived at IUP's Memorial Field House where they were reunited with family members.


Unit officials, including Capt. John Forte, praised the work of the 420th Engineer Company.  He said the men and women were performing the most dangerous jobs in Afghanistan and completed those tasks with great skill.


Members of the unit were not only greeted by family members, but also local officials including Indiana Mayor George Hood and Indiana County Commissioner Rod Ruddock.


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