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When you head to the polls for the primary election on May 21st, you won’t need to show your photo ID.  Attorneys representing the Corbett administration and plantiffs who are challenging the constitutionality of the law in Commonwealth came to the agreement yesterday. 


Local election officials can ask to see identification, just as they did in the November general election, but voters will still be able to cast a ballot even if they don’t have an ID with them.  If the law were enforced, voters without IDs would need to cast provisional ballots that would only count after their identity was proven to officials. 


A trial on the constitutional challenge is scheduled for July 15th.  Plaintiffs include the Homeless Advocacy Project, the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania and the state chapter of the NAACP.  Enforcement of the law was halted last year by a Commonwealth Court judge on grounds that the state had failed to make it possible for voters to get acceptable IDs before the November election.

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