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Supervisors hear complaints about open burning


Burning issues resurfaced at last night’s White Township supervisors meeting. Multiple residents aired complaints about one resident who had been a repeat offender with a long history.  The scenario they described was one that was much more than just a burn barrel. They described a large pit where a high volume of material is burned with a particularly foul odor that was a nuisance to those with nearby properties.


The issue was investigated by Assistant Township Supervisor Chris Anderson, who was never able to capture any evidence of illegal burning. The supervisors said that they could nothing outside of enforcing their ordinance, but the Department of Environmental Protection would be able to enforce any state law that is being violated. Residents with a legitimate complaint can also go to the courts if the burning impedes their quality of life, according to Township Solicitor Mike Delaney.


In other news, the Laurel Highlands On and Off Road Bike Association was approved to do minor maintenance to trails in White’s Woods. The group strives to preserve the woods as they are without cutting down trees and by fixing trails to prevent erosion. Any minor maintenance, such as the clearing of downed trees, must be approved by Recreation Director Ryan Shaffer.

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