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Pennsylvania’s Lieutenant Governor James Cawley paid a visit to Indiana on Tuesday, taking in the Indiana County Fair and attending an event hosted by the Indiana-Armstrong Patriots at the KCAC.  But his first stop of the day was a meaningful one over at Specialty Tires. 

Last year, Governor Tom Corbett gave $114,000 in state aid to help Specialty Tires, the former McCreary plant, to reconfigure their existing facility and expand production lines.  The move was made to help the company retain 400 positions and create up to 40 new jobs.  Unfortunately, the economic downturn along with the stricter environmental standards towards coal has resulted in some negative results, and the company has had to lay off workers.

After touring the plant, Lieutenant Governor Cawley said that he was impressed with some people being there for over 20 years, and said that these kinds of jobs are worth saving.  Cawley also mentioned that while the state administration is trying to create jobs, the Obama Administration is hurting the efforts, and it’s trickling down into other businesses.

The plant has been in Indiana for nearly 100 years, and has been currently making tires for coal mining operations, light aircraft, industrial vehicles, farm equipment and classic automobiles.

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