Multi-platinum Grammy®Award-winning Green Day is coming to the Consol Energy Center on March 31 and YOU CAN WIN TICKETS from U92.5 FM.


Congratulations to Charlie Young, Alissa Lowe and Alison McLaurine. Here are their TIME OF YOUR LIFE entries ...

Charlie: The time of my life just happened this past october. My wife and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary in Punta Cana. We took an excursion to Bavaro Beach to snuba dive and drive a jet boat. It was incredible I have a picture of me and the terrible towel 20 feet down in the Caribbean. Also speeding up the coast driving a jet boat with crystal blue water and clear sky will be something I will never forget. If I have a bad day I just think back to that moment and push through the day.

Alissa: Time of Your Life is one of Green Day's greatest hits and one of my personal favorites. I've had some of the best times in my life while listening to Green Day. My friends and I all loved Green Day, so when their "Bullet in a Bible" DVD collection came out off of their American Idiot tour album, we all went nuts. Someone picked up the dvd/cd collection, put it into the cd playing in her car, and we all rocked out like we were at the concert ourselves. Green Day's music has helped me through numerous things, including my parents divorce. It would be one of the greatest times of my life experiencing that concert and seeing them live and in person. Please pick me!

Alison: My Dad was my best friend, so when I had my son 6/21/05, he was also his best friend/buddy! Every moment with my Dad, Dave Kasun, was the time of my life! He was the most decorated veteran of Indiana County but all around my amazing hero forever! I miss EVERY special time I had with him because he passed away 12/1/09 cause of injuries from Vietnam & is buried at Arlington now me & my 2 kids miss our amazing times of our lives that were had every time we did any/every adventure with him! He made even just running to the store an adventure & the time of our life! But many, many stellar adventures were had all over the US together.

Our winners get two tickets to the Green Day concert at Consol Energy Center on March 31! You can also purchase tickets from TicketMaster!

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