Several players performed well in Indiana County high school football this year and we honored the best with a weekly Fan Favorite of the Week presentation. You voted for your favorite and the top vote-getter won our Fan Favorite of the Week trophy. Votes from our four Web sites were added together to determine a winner. See all of our winners here and thank you for voting!
Week 1 winner: Lucas Kowalski (Penns Manor)
Week 2 winner: Ean Lee (Homer-Center)
Week 3 winner: Aaron Berezansky (Homer-Center)
Week 4 winner: Mike Newhouse (Homer-Center)
Week 5 winner: Andrew Stipcak (Blairsville)
Week 6 winner: Mitchell Hamilton (Penns Manor)
Week 7 winner: Nathan Dumm (Penns Manor)
Week 8 winner: Mike Newhouse (Homer-Center)
Week 9 winner: Stephen Dumm (Penns Manor)
Week 10 winner: John Stupic (Penns Manor)
Trophies were provided by McCormick's Sport and Award.