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WIN $100,000 Superca$h instant lottery tickets!

The Pennsylvania Lottery is introducing $100,000 Superca$h as a new $5 ticket. $100,000 Superca$h offers 15 top prizes of $100,000 and more than $52 million in total cash prizes. Players can win up to 12 times on each ticket. When any of YOUR NUMBERS match any WINNING NUMBER, win the PRIZE shown under the matching number. Reveal a "CASH" (CASH) symbol and win the PRIZE shown under it automatically. Reveal a "SUPER" (SUPER) symbol and win ALL 12 PRIZES shown.


The Pa. Lottery and are giving away 15 $100,000 SuperCa$h™ tickets to  winners on Fridays in April. Register below!

Must be 18 or older to play.

The Pennsylvania Lottery supports more than 23,700 hot meals. Every day.

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